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human-robot collaboration
Karl Kruusamäe paves the way for human-robot collaboration full of possibilities
Photo: TalTech
Under One Umbrella: TalTech Opens Center Devoted to Health and Food Technologies
Ukraine article land
Tartu Observatory helps Ukraine to develop monitoring systems for forests and water-bodies
Photo: Valentin from Pixabay
It’s All-Electric: TalTech’s Residential DC Innovation Hub Opens Doors to Support Energy Transition  
This image was created with the assistance of DALL·E.
Estonian Phosphorites – a potential answer and source for EU green and hight technologies?
Self driving bus in Tartu.  Photo: Janar Lind
New FinEst Centre-Led Project Sets Out to Cultivate Baltic Sea Region’s Deep tech Ecosystem
We took inspiration from nature, from the architecture of the spider.
Spider-inspired robots make delicate tasks easier!
crops fields nanodrones
How would a nanodrone be beneficial for inspecting crops?
TalTech PhD student and lover of all things space Katriin Kristmann
Katriin Kristmann: Dreaming of a solar park on the Moon and the next big step for humankind happening in 2026.
Research team at SLAC Laboratory: Mianzhen Mo, experiment (SLAC, USA); Alfredo A. Correa, modeling (LLNL, USA); and Artur Tamm, modeling (UT, Estonia).
New Methodology Simplifies Search for Materials Resistant to Extreme Conditions
Tartu U-space Testing Center signing
ANRA Technologies partners with Estonian Aviation Academy to establish U-space test Center in Estonia
"Innovation is at the heart of national defence because it brings success on the battlefield and gives us an advantage over our enemies." Hanno Pevkur. Photo:
NATO DIANA is investing close to one million euros in startups developing dual-use technologies in Estonia
Consortium members from Estonian and European universities, members of the European Commission and technology attachés of member states gathered in Brussels for a seminar on secure artificial intelligence. Credit: TalTech
Estonian IT researchers: We have a unique position to be a leader in secure artificial intelligence in Europe
Parents often discuss screen time for children, but what about the elderly? Screen time could benefit them. Credit: Anete Toming
Research links internet surfing to healthy aging
Semubot will be an open source project: it can be adapted, rebuilt and improved by any end user. This photo is illustrative. Credit: Renee Altrov
Tartu students build Estonia’s first humanoid robot
Kuldar Taveter is helping computers understand humans better. Photo credit: private collection
Teaching robots how to feel
The role of human beings does not disappear from the administration of justice and legal work, but it is amplified with the help of technologies. Credit: Jelena Rudi
Professor: Legal Professionals Must Invest in Digital Education and Technology to Stay Competitive
“If you start thinking about an oil spill after it happened, then it's too late!” said Jan-Victor Björkqvist, a researcher at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute. Photo credit: Baltic Work Boats
Preventing disasters! Researchers mapped how oil moves in the sea
Marlon Dumas, a University of Tartu professor and a computer scientist, is a keynote speaker at sTARTUp Day 2024.  Photo: Maanus Kullamaa for Excite magazine / Execution Ekspress Meedia Special Solutions
An expert view: how to integrate artificial intelligence into your company?
This year, seven researchers from Estonian universities made it to the top of the science world. Photo credit: Patrik Tamm
Here’s advice from the top talent in the science world
TalTech marine scientists have created a system that predicts how fuel leaks from shipwrecks will spread. Credit: brand estonia
Estonian scientists develop new shipwreck pollution prediction system
Estonia is taking significant steps toward embracing the concept of a circular economy. Credit: Renee Altrov
Survey: What Are the Obstacles to Transitioning to a Circular Economy in Estonia?
One of two denim fabrics with optimal laser fading: an output of 14 W and a 230 mm/s laser speed. One of two denim fabrics with optimal laser fading: an output of 14 W and a 230 mm/s laser speed. Author/Source: Nele Mandre
An Estonian industrial PhD student found a way to extend the durability of denim
ESTCube-2 is Estonia's most research-intensive satellite and has been mostly built by students. Credit: ESTCube-2
Estonia’s ESTCube-2 satellite launched into orbit

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