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Photo credit: e-Residency
Doctoral thesis: Everyday banking ensured the success of electronic identity
All this waste could have a second chance on our planet with the help of Estonian scientists. Photo credit: Eesti Energia
Estonians use fossil fuels to recycle plastics
Photo credit: Unsplash / Fré Sonneveld
How to renew ageing electrical systems sensibly?
Photo credit: Unsplash
Digital Twin – a bridge between real and virtual worlds
Photo credit: Unsplash / Jeremy Bezanger
Power electronics research advances solar building technology
Photo credit: Pixabay
Estonian scientists to produce tons of bioplastic from wood
Simulating and testing the overtaking. Photo credit: Raivo Sell, TalTech
New algorithm makes overtaking smoother and faster for self-driving cars
Photo credit: TalTech
Enabling smart city services through street lighting networks
This piece of yellow glass can convert energy! Proudly shown by Taltech's PhD student Robert Beglaryan, who is developing semi-transparent solar cells as part of an international team. Photo credit: Atanas Katerski
Smart windows convert light into electricity
Photo credit: Unsplash
Can we trust decisions made by artificial intelligence?
The biorobotics research team. Photo: Hendrik Osula
Underwater robotics is full of opportunities
Cybernetica's Dan Bogdanov.                                                           Photo credit: Jake Farra
Cybernetica innovator headlines University of Tartu Digital Governance lecture series
Photo credit: Dhoomil Sheta/Unsplash
Estonian and Finnish researchers unveil new applications for GreenTwins project
Photo credit: Bob Osias/Unsplash
Power electronics play an important role in the green transition
Photo credit: Zuzana Kacerová/Unsplash
Doctoral thesis: modern construction technology is unsustainable
Photo credit: Unsplash, Vadim Babenko
New method allows future buildings to remain open during pandemic
Photo credit: Peter Fogden/Unsplash
Drone solution will help the victims of terrorist attacks
The little dot in the center is the Estonian satellite Hämarik. Photo credit: Dzmitry Kananovich/TalTech
A TalTech researcher took the first photos of the satellite Hämarik
Photo credit: Pixabay
3D printing of electrical machines is a cutting-edge research in TalTech
Photo credit: David Mark, Pixabay
A smart city needs smart pipelines
Photo credit: TalTech
TalTech researchers to develop a remote flood sensing service
Kaija Põhako-Esko, an associate professor of materials chemistry at the University of Tartu. Photo credit: Kaup Kikkas
Estonian researchers helped create a printable biodegradable supercapacitor
Photo credit: Skitterphoto
Digital twins compete for energy efficiency
Professor in Natural Language Processing Mark Fišel (on the left) and Pekka Myllylä, Managing Director of Tilde Eesti. Photos: University of Tartu
University of Tartu and Tilde take Estonian machine translation to a new level

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