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Photo credit: Unsplash, Jonathan Borba
Silence Is Not Golden: Interactive Talk Promotes Children’s Speech Development
CoTrack uses a facial recognition programme to detect students’ emotions and collects data on the written and oral contributions to group work. Photo credit: Unsplash, Alexis Brown
New Smart Assistant Notices Idlers and Enhances Group Work Among Students
As people are getting their COVID-19 vaccinations, the airports will be soon buzzing. For many, though, the future will bring even more isolation. Photo credit: Pixabay
Vaccine passports will end the lockdown, but not for everyone
How much time and energy parents give their children matters more than previously thought. Photo credit: Pixabay/ Anastasia Gepp
Head size can show how we grew up, study shows
Photo credit: Unsplash, Camilo Jimenez
Growing influence of social media during COVID-19 crisis
Photo credit: Unsplash, Nick Fewings
International study reveals the effects of COVID-19 on the experience of public transport
Photo credit: Unsplash, Domenico Loia
Flexible working time as an opportunity to save costs and increase productivity
Around half of the population is retired in Transnistria. A stroll through Tiraspol during lockdown. Photo credit: private collection
Surviving isolation in an isolated place
Understanding vulnerabilities is important to ensure that children will succeed better in influencing their own lives positively. Photo credit: Aron Urb.
Being Aware of Vulnerabilities Help Children to Manage Their Lives Better
The 2016 election won by Donald Trump did not leave anyone indifferent.
Emotion regulation after a lost election
The research team led by Tuvikene is fanning out across Europe to investigate the metros, trams and buses in London, Brussels, Tallinn, Turku, Finland; Dunkirk, France; Leipzig, Germany; Kharkiv, Ukraine; Minsk, Belarus; and Rostov-on-Don, Russia. Photo credit: ERR / Siim Lõvi.
Science|Business: Is there more to public transport than moving people around?
Children are not just allowed to play with iPads in Estonian schools, they are expected to.
Estonians are building the school of tomorrow
Estonian teachers and schools are very open to innovation.
Cooperation contributes to innovation in education
Estonian university leads an international innovation project
The kind of intervention developed by Prof. Harro and his team could prompt more people to drive within the speed limits or take traffic regulations more seriously. Photo credit: Taaniel Malleus.
Science|Business: Keeping drivers’ impulses in check
Project IKID research seminar at the University of Lausanne with participants from Estonia, Switzerland, Cambodia and Laos. Photo by: Aaro Hazak.
Studying South-East Asian transition economies is a success story of EU-funded research
ice cream
Can obesity be compared with addiction?
According to theory, people often use digital technologies to cope with negative emotions . Photo by:
How excessive smartphone use may take its toll on mental health
E-residency contributes to the reproduction of digital inequalities
mudilased ja nutitelefonid (pixabay)
Every 5th tot under the age of 3 in Estonia uses smartphone daily
How Estonian Vegan Men Challenge Stereotypes
Marlon Dumas
University of Tartu professor to develop AI for improving business processes
Photo by JJ Jordan on Unsplash
Chemists warn against unreasonable wastage upon acquisition of scientific equipment
Ready for utopia? How Estonians see citizen’s income discussion

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