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Scientists created an intervention to fight drugs
Since the fall of the Soviet Union, Estonian companies have actively grown their businesses. They are now investing abroad more than companies in Central and Eastern Europe. Photo credit: Pixabay
Study: where do Estonian companies invest?
Giving a helping hand or sharing a kind word may be small acts, but they can change lives. Photo credit: Pixabay
One in every fifth child can’t rely on support when bullied at school
Leonore Riitsalu, a research fellow at Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies, University of Tartu. Photo credit: Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies
Financial well-being can be achieved anywhere
China isn't a big economic player in Estonia, but it has other interests in this small European country. Photo credit: iStock
Estonia prepares for China’s growing influence
The conference organizers Pia Tikka and Elen Lotman on the stage of Maximus auditorium, Tallinn University. Photo credit: Piret Räni
Baltic conference on neurocinematics is the first of its kind
Photo credit: Unsplash
Self-discipline differentiates a media pause from pausemedia
Photo credit: Unsplash
Facebook supports diversity of the Estonian music landscape
In 2018 Bolt became one of Estonia's “unicorns”, a startup company with a value of over $1 billion. Photo credit: Bolt
Why Estonian entrepreneurs are so successful – study explains
Estonian Defense Forces testing Milrem Robotics' unmanned ground vehicle in operation in Mali. Photo credit: Estonian Defense Forces
Most people yet to accept driverless military robots, study shows
Photo credit: Pixabay
Participation in adult learning requires multilevel support
Most children don't receive the mental health support they need, Estonian researcher Karin Streimann found in her PhD dissertation. Photo credit: Depositphotos
Teachers and parents disagree on children’s well-being, study found
Photo credit: Pixabay
Doctoral thesis: you can inherit a Facebook account but not a Tinder account
Photo credit: Renee Altrov
Science and technology may not be a magic wand in tackling the climate crisis, but part of the problem
Photo credit:
Europeans are freeing themselves from fixed office hours, but is it legal?
The employees of care organisations deserve recognition for acting as key intermediaries of official risk and crisis information and creators of an environment promoting safe behaviour. Photo credit: Matthias Zomer/
Among care organisations, day centres were hit the hardest by corona crisis
Academic institutions are creating gender equality plans to apply for popular EU grants, but will it actually change anything? Photo credit: Depositphotos
European universities are pushed to think of women
Photo credit: Matthew Feeney/Unsplash
Dissertation: academic staff struggle with information overload
Estonian scientist Anni Tamm wanted to know what's hidden behind childrens' conflicts. Photo credit: Lenka Fortelna/Pixabay
What matters to small children, a study explored
Photo credit: Unsplash, sporlab
Estonian sports sociologist outlines obstacles seniors face in taking up physical activity
Unsplash, Brooke Cagle
Millennials prefer personal well-being over an international career
Results confirmed that obesity is associated with several personality traits. Photo credit: Unsplash, Diana Polekhina
Does personality influence body weight or vice versa?
Abel Polese speaking at Maldives National University. Photo credit: personal collection
New European-Asian Project to Study Pandemic’s Impact on Asian Informal Employment
Photo credit: Unsplash, Jonathan Borba
Silence Is Not Golden: Interactive Talk Promotes Children’s Speech Development

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