Photo credit: Unsplash, Ruthson Zimmerman
Estonian Science Barometer: Estonians’ trust in science is extraordinarily strong
Knowing something about everything – does it work?
Moving in, moving on
Finding serendipity during the COVID-19 pandemic
The happy Thursday
Mushrooms – not only for eating
Article series “Stories of Young Scientists” kicks off next week
Studying the prevalence of the coronavirus in Estonia will give the politicians and decision-makers evidence-based data to form the strategy for the gradual exit from the emergency situation.
Estonia is contributing €8.1 million to COVID-19-related research and development
AcademiaNet offers the excellent opportunity of searching for researchers by filtering them based on research fields and location to facilitate finding experts located in the desired area.
80 top Estonian female researchers being added to AcademiaNet
University of Tartu. Photo credit: Riina Varol.
ERA Chairs bring excellence to Estonian universities
Nine Estonian scientists are among the world’s top 1% highly cited researchers for their field. Photo credit: EAS.
Nine influential Estonian researchers among the world’s top 1%
Keeping your days full of surprises and excitement!
What is the biggest environmental problem in Estonia? The fish know it too!
The real life of a lab rat
From science to practice
Living Room Science
Learning the Most Difficult Language in the World? A Scholarly Perspective
Unlocking the Potential of Science of Light with Academic Leadership
Iseauto - self-driving car. Source: TalTech and Aalto University
€32 million funding boost for Smart Cities Research to TalTech and Aalto University
Author: Kaarel Mikkin
NATURE: A small nation found strength in research after joining the European Union.
For the first time, Estonia is holding its own session in the Science to Business programme of an international science forum
Estonia to introduce smart science achievements at a science forum in France
Source: CERN
Baltic universities set up a CERN collaboration team

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