agricultural sciences

crops fields nanodrones
How would a nanodrone be beneficial for inspecting crops?
Cabbage Seedpod Weevil. Photo: webpage of the Goverment of Alberta.
Green defense! New strategies to protect our crops and planet — insights from an interesting oilseed rape study.
honey dna
Unique honey DNA test created by Estonian scientists and beekeepers!
Cows eating food.
Genome editing contributes towards developing safe and sustainable food systems
Digital Twins in biodiversity offer large yet untapped potential for both scientists and policymakers. Credit: Piret Ehrenpreis.
University of Tartu: AI technologies at the centre of innovation in biodiversity data management
Uuemaa and her colleagues will use geoinformatics and machine learning to plan riparian buffer zones to reduce the environmental impact of agriculture. Credit: Rainer Süvirand
Geoinformatics: We are sitting on a pot of gold without even realizing it
This year, seven researchers from Estonian universities made it to the top of the science world. Photo credit: Patrik Tamm
Here’s advice from the top talent in the science world
Weather is sparking many changes. What about taste? Photo credit: Pixabay
Global warming is changing how food tastes
A farmer scanning the barcode to identify the organic vegetables. Photo credit: iStock
The future is vegetarian, and it’s coming fast
Photo credit: Unsplash, Kristyn Lapp
Metabolic diseases that endanger overweight cows
Baltic Herring. Photo credit: University of Tartu
European SEAwise Project to Make Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management Operational
Beetles. Photo credit: Estonian University of Life Sciences
Breakthrough in plant protection: RNAi pesticides affect only one pest species
Photo credit: Unsplash, Kristyn Lapp
Researchers are Looking for the Key to Making Estonian Cows Happy
Photo credit: Unsplash, Eduardo Sanchez
Light pollution disturbs the digestion of birds
Aleksandr Semjonov, a lecturert at the Estonian University of Life Sciences. Photo credit: Aleksandr Semjonov
Novel drug combination safe for immobilising wild animals
Photo credit: Unsplash, Jordan Cormack
Researchers are looking for nature-inspired solutions to sustainably increase crop yield
Instead of using it as heating material, wood waste could be used to create new values. Photo credit: Markus Spiske
Synthetic biology opens up a new development path for the wood industry
Photo credit: Jacob Conzales
Increasing fragmentation of the forest cover in Brazil’s Legal Amazon
Imagine throwing away every third meal.
Solving the food waste problem
European farmers must adapt to the changing climate and adopt measures which would ensure the continued good productivity for the farms in the future.
Webtool helps predict climate change in agriculture
53,3% of Estonian land territory is covered by forests. Photo credit: Visit Estonia/Raul Mee.
Measured by the alternative method, the area of Estonian forests turned out to be larger
alakonnu naeriauk1 IMG_6000
Slash and burn cultivation played an important role in the formation of southern Estonian landscapes
Tapeworm (Echinococcus granulosus). Author/source: Chelsea L. Wood/Flickr
Tapeworms cause global health problems and economic damage
Ornithologists discovered useful information about rare eagle

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