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Telescope in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Photo credit: private collection
Journey into astrophysics
Photo credit: Unsplash
Estonian researchers are making vegan food healthier
Photo credit: Unsplash / NASA
Estonian scientists start looking for signs of life on Venus on a set of private space missions
Photo credit: Unsplash, Viktor Forgacs
A large-scale study gives an idea of the genetic risks associated with an infection with the coronavirus
Photo credit: Unsplash, Benjamin L. Jones
Seagrass-beds act as hotspots for accumulated microplastic
Piunde lake (3800 masl) on Mt Wilhelm (Simbu province). Photo credit: F.-X. R./Post-processing S.P.)
Papua New Guineans show signs of biological adaptations to altitude
Photo credit: Canva
Self-Destructive Mutant Mosquitoes May Save the World from Insecticides
Photo credit: Canva
Novel associations between genetics and vitamin B12 deficiency with an autoimmune etiology
Photo credit: Canva
Vibrios and climate change: Can nature-based methods mitigate the potential threat in the Baltic Sea?
Cowslip observation. Photo credit: Tsipe Aavik
European Cowslip Observations are in Full Swing
The President of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid at the Tartu University laboratory where sodium ion batteries and supercapacitors are built. Photo credit: Mattias Tammet / Office of the President of the Republic of Estonia
Estonians are Turning Soil into Batteries
Excavation site Grotta La Sassa. Photo credit: Angelica Ferracci
Bronze Age migrations changed societal organization, genomic landscape in Italy
Virtual model of the hemimandible Tagliente2. In the latter, the presenceo of cementoma is visible (in red). Credit: G. Oxilia
Recolonization of Europe after the last ice age started earlier than previously thought
Photo credit: Canva
The Future Will Bring Yellow Mealworms, House Crickets and Grasshoppers to the Table
Small scale model of ITER. Source:Wikipedia.org
University of Tartu scientists develop materials for future fusion reactor
A generator machine shapes random noise while a discriminator machine tests the generated data against a database of available real data. Once the process is complete, the algorithm will generate artificial data that looks like the real one, but is actually completely new. Credit: Yelmen et al. 2021
Machine learning generates realistic genomes for imaginary humans
Photo credit: Shutterstock, ADragan
Genetics has a different effect on the blood sugar levels of men and women
Jerusalem artichoke tubers. Photo credit: Shutterstock, iMarzi
University of Tartu researchers help boost health with Jerusalem artichoke
Pyramid station at 5050 m above sea level in Khumbu valley, the Himalaya. Photo credit: Heikki Junninen
The “natural Himalayan aerosol factory” can affect climate
Photo credit: Toolbox Estonia, Renee Altrov
The impact of Neandertal DNA on human health
Good abdominal fat may alleviate the course of COVID-19
Photo credit: Unsplash, National Cancer Institute
Gene donors at high risk for cancer received feedback
Photo credit: Unsplash, Omar Lopez
Researchers have discovered new links between miscarriage and maternal genes
Photo credit: Unsplash, Hans Reniers
TalTech chemists’ new method is a significant step towards greener pharmaceutical industry

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