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Rain Kipper (author: Evelin Lumi). Lopsided galaxies shed light on the speed of dark matter
Dark matter’s speed, accounting for 85% of the universe’s matter, is illuminated by lopsided galaxies!
CERN, estonia, cyberpunk
Estonian Scientists Say Full CERN Membership Will Have ‘Huge Impact’
An international team of scientists led by astronomers from Tartu Observatory identified a total of 662 superclusters and explored their properties. Credit: Renee Altrov
Einasto Supercluster: the new heavyweight contender in the universe
Digital Twins in biodiversity offer large yet untapped potential for both scientists and policymakers. Credit: Piret Ehrenpreis.
University of Tartu: AI technologies at the centre of innovation in biodiversity data management
"The key issue in reducing the environmental impact of the global economy is how to move from carbon mining to carbon recycling," says Valgepea. Credit: Andres Tennus
European research grant facilitates production of valuable fuels and chemicals using microbial cell factories
This year, seven researchers from Estonian universities made it to the top of the science world. Photo credit: Patrik Tamm
Here’s advice from the top talent in the science world
Estonia is taking significant steps toward embracing the concept of a circular economy. Credit: Renee Altrov
Survey: What Are the Obstacles to Transitioning to a Circular Economy in Estonia?
Telescope in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Photo credit: private collection
Journey into astrophysics
Photo credit: Unsplash
Estonian researchers are making vegan food healthier
Photo credit: Unsplash / NASA
Estonian scientists start looking for signs of life on Venus on a set of private space missions
Photo credit: Unsplash, Viktor Forgacs
A large-scale study gives an idea of the genetic risks associated with an infection with the coronavirus
Photo credit: Unsplash, Benjamin L. Jones
Seagrass-beds act as hotspots for accumulated microplastic
Piunde lake (3800 masl) on Mt Wilhelm (Simbu province). Photo credit: F.-X. R./Post-processing S.P.)
Papua New Guineans show signs of biological adaptations to altitude
Photo credit: Canva
Self-Destructive Mutant Mosquitoes May Save the World from Insecticides
Photo credit: Canva
Novel associations between genetics and vitamin B12 deficiency with an autoimmune etiology
Photo credit: Canva
Vibrios and climate change: Can nature-based methods mitigate the potential threat in the Baltic Sea?
Cowslip observation. Photo credit: Tsipe Aavik
European Cowslip Observations are in Full Swing
The President of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid at the Tartu University laboratory where sodium ion batteries and supercapacitors are built. Photo credit: Mattias Tammet / Office of the President of the Republic of Estonia
Estonians are Turning Soil into Batteries
Excavation site Grotta La Sassa. Photo credit: Angelica Ferracci
Bronze Age migrations changed societal organization, genomic landscape in Italy
Virtual model of the hemimandible Tagliente2. In the latter, the presenceo of cementoma is visible (in red). Credit: G. Oxilia
Recolonization of Europe after the last ice age started earlier than previously thought
Photo credit: Canva
The Future Will Bring Yellow Mealworms, House Crickets and Grasshoppers to the Table
Small scale model of ITER. Source:Wikipedia.org
University of Tartu scientists develop materials for future fusion reactor
A generator machine shapes random noise while a discriminator machine tests the generated data against a database of available real data. Once the process is complete, the algorithm will generate artificial data that looks like the real one, but is actually completely new. Credit: Yelmen et al. 2021
Machine learning generates realistic genomes for imaginary humans
Photo credit: Shutterstock, ADragan
Genetics has a different effect on the blood sugar levels of men and women

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