research areas

Here is an overview of the different research fields, with highlights of the best current achievements in each field by our researchers.

The science fields are grouped according to the FIELD OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (FOS) classification in the Frascati Manual (FM) (OECD, 2016):

Estonia is heading towards becoming the most advanced digital society and e-state in the world. The whole population is seamlessly integrated with using ICT in almost every aspect of life, while pushing the limits in health technologies and using resources in wise ways.

Around 20 years ago, Estonia brought computers and internet to every school. A bit later, 200,000 adults (20% of the population) were educated to use ICT. Today, 99% of Estonian public services are online 24/7. Initiatives, such as e-Identity, e-Tax Board, e-School and i-Voting along with e-Health, are some examples of the ground-breaking solutions invented by Estonians and exported to 130 countries. Estonia’s main focus is smart specialization to boost the growth of research in ICT, health technologies and services, and effective use of resources.