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Photo credit: Unsplash, Angiola Harry
Researchers tackle inequalities related to cervical cancer screening
Photo credit: Unsplash, Markus Spiske
Maimets: Unvaccinated Children are a Cauldron for New Corona Strains
Photo credit: Unsplash, National Cancer Institute
University of Tartu launches a large study on mental health genetics
Photo credit: Unsplash, Diana Polekhina
Spray created in Estonia can help prevent corona infection
Photo credit: Unsplash, Ivan Diaz
A person who has received the first vaccine dose may still infect others
Photo credit: Unsplash, Katarzyna Grabowska
Estonian 100-year-olds pave the way for better health of all of us
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The gut microbiome can predict changes in glucose regulation
Conscripts lining up on their first day at the service. Photo credit: Estonian Defence Forces
Staying indoors is more harmful than thought, study shows
Protobios laboratory in action. Photo credit: Tõnu Tuulas
TalTech scientists’ successful collaboration towards novel immune diagnostics of multiple sclerosis
Photo credit: Unsplash, Fusion Medical Animation
Study by University of Tartu researchers sheds light on SARS-CoV-2 antibody persistence
Photo credit: Michael Longmire
Medical researchers are looking for new ways to treat drug addiction
Photo credit: Unsplash, Kelly Sikkema
Researchers are designing a smart new-generation face mask
Photo credit: Shutterstock, fizkes
TalTech’s neuroscientists investigate the causes of a widespread eye disease
Photo credit: Shutterstock, creativeneko
‘British’ or ‘South African’ coronavirus strains have not been found in Estonia
Photo credit: Shutterstock, sdecoret
The Gut Microbiome in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and its Association with Metabolic Traits
Photo credit: Unsplash, National Cancer Institute
University of Tartu-Led Team Pioneers Return of Genetic Risk Results to Biobank Donors
Photo credit: Unsplash,
A new era is dawning in diagnosing sexually transmitted infections in men
New vs. old solution. Photo credit: UT Institute of Technology
University of Tartu researchers and SelfDiagnostics developed a unique coronavirus rapid test
Photo credit: Unsplash, The Creative Exchange
University of Tartu researchers help to revolutionise sleep apnoea treatment
Photo credit: Unsplash, JC Gellidon
Health Board and University of Tartu to start pilot study of saliva-based coronavirus testing
Photo credit: Unsplash, Nikolai Chernichenko
Pharmaceutical researchers help to find a new form for colostrum powder
Ilona Faustova and Mihkel Örd. Photo credit: University of Tartu
Study provides clues on curbing the aggressive nature of coronavirus
Blood samples. Photo credit: Unsplash, National Cancer Institute
Skin cancer diagnostics from just a drop of blood – could it really be true?
Photo credit: Unsplash, Adam Nieścioruk
Coronavirus urges scientists to spare no effort

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