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Photo credit: Unsplash, Eiliv-Sonas Aceron
Acidic pH enhances butyrate production from pectin by faecal microbiota
Photo credit: Unsplash, CDC
University of Tartu researchers continue to study coronavirus strains circulating in Estonia
Lili Milani, head of the Estonian Genome Centre and a Professor at Institute of Genomics, University of Tartu. Photo credit: Anni Õnneleid, Ekspress Meedia
Estonian Genome Center Contributing to Multiple Nordic Research Projects
Professor of Clinical Genetics of the University of Tartu Katrin Õunap. Photo credit: University of Tartu
Examination of an Estonian patient helped discover a new form of muscular dystrophy
Photo credit: Unsplash, erbadea Berlin
Cannabis tends to affect the mental health of ever younger people
Photo credit: Unsplash, gotaflow
A Nematode Transmitted from Dogs by Mosquitoes to Humans is Gaining a Foothold in the Baltic States
Credit: WellcomeImages/(CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)
Gas Plasma May Help Cure Cancer in the Future
Astronaut in space
Microbial Treatment applied to Soviet Astronauts May Also Be Useful Today
Photo credit: Unsplash, Diana Polekhina
Pharmaceutical researchers create new research-based food supplements
Photo credit: Shutterstock,  Blue Planet Studio
New Study Explores Clinical Genetics Services in Estonia, Finland, and the Netherlands
Men who carry a certain subtype of the Y chromosome could be more likely to experience genetic Y chromosome mutations that lead to low sperm count. Photo credit: Canva
Large study by Estonian researchers identified new genetic link to male infertility
Tsilk relieves nasal congestion, throat irritation and dry throat, clears the nasal cavity of excess mucus and protects it from infection. Photo credit: Canva
University of Tartu researchers helped to turn Estonian medical mineral water into a nasal and throat spray
The 3D printer at Tartu University Institute of Pharmacy lab prints out nine anti-asthmatic pills. Photo credit: Laura Viidik
3D-printed pills can change healthcare
Photo credit: Unsplash, Angiola Harry
Researchers tackle inequalities related to cervical cancer screening
Photo credit: Unsplash, Markus Spiske
Maimets: Unvaccinated Children are a Cauldron for New Corona Strains
Photo credit: Unsplash, National Cancer Institute
University of Tartu launches a large study on mental health genetics
Photo credit: Unsplash, Diana Polekhina
Spray created in Estonia can help prevent corona infection
Photo credit: Unsplash, Ivan Diaz
A person who has received the first vaccine dose may still infect others
Photo credit: Unsplash, Katarzyna Grabowska
Estonian 100-year-olds pave the way for better health of all of us
Photo credit: Unsplash,
The gut microbiome can predict changes in glucose regulation
Conscripts lining up on their first day at the service. Photo credit: Estonian Defence Forces
Staying indoors is more harmful than thought, study shows
Protobios laboratory in action. Photo credit: Tõnu Tuulas
TalTech scientists’ successful collaboration towards novel immune diagnostics of multiple sclerosis
Photo credit: Unsplash, Fusion Medical Animation
Study by University of Tartu researchers sheds light on SARS-CoV-2 antibody persistence
Photo credit: Michael Longmire
Medical researchers are looking for new ways to treat drug addiction

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