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New vs. old solution. Photo credit: UT Institute of Technology
University of Tartu researchers and SelfDiagnostics developed a unique coronavirus rapid test
Photo credit: Unsplash, The Creative Exchange
University of Tartu researchers help to revolutionise sleep apnoea treatment
Photo credit: Unsplash, JC Gellidon
Health Board and University of Tartu to start pilot study of saliva-based coronavirus testing
Photo credit: Unsplash, Nikolai Chernichenko
Pharmaceutical researchers help to find a new form for colostrum powder
Ilona Faustova and Mihkel Örd. Photo credit: University of Tartu
Study provides clues on curbing the aggressive nature of coronavirus
Blood samples. Photo credit: Unsplash, National Cancer Institute
Skin cancer diagnostics from just a drop of blood – could it really be true?
Photo credit: Unsplash, Adam Nieścioruk
Coronavirus urges scientists to spare no effort
Photo credit: Unsplash, Scott Graham
Estonian Research Council supports joint Nordic research projects on COVID-19
Photo credit: Shutterstock, ibreakstock
New potential therapeutic target found for osteosarcoma
Photo credit: Unsplash, Anastasiia Ostapovych
Researchers’ discovery could make the development of coronavirus drugs more efficient
Photo credit: Unsplash, Daniel Sone
University of Tartu researchers study the impact of COVID-19 on nurses
Photo credit: Shutterstock, Gwoeii
Hallucinations can also be experienced by healthy people
Fruit fly. Photo credit: Alexlky, Shutterstock
Novel Drosophila-based disease model to study human intellectual disability syndrome
Photo credit: Michał Parzuchowski, Unsplash
Genetics sheds light on causes of adverse events of drugs
Photo credit: LightField Studios, Shutterstock
Doctoral thesis gives hints on how to treat melanoma with a virus
Photo credit: Zach Vessels, Unsplash
Researchers found a reason why COVID-19 may be life-threatening
Photo credit: Aaron Andrew Ang
Suicidal thoughts among people with dementia need more attention
SensorTechBME in TalTech. Photo credit: TalTech
TalTech’s PhD thesis offers a real-time alternative to dialysis quality monitoring by an optical method
Coronavirus is ten times more prevalent than previously thought
Screening test by University of Tartu scientists for early identification of the risk for preeclampsia
Credit: PublicDomainPictures
New giant database helps find medication and diagnose hereditary diseases
The study showed that copper ions are primarily bound to only two proteins in the blood – ceruloplasmin and serum albumin. A small proportion of copper ions are also bound to histidine and other free amino acids in the blood.
The analysis of copper levels in blood facilitates diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease
Schizophrenia spectrum disorder is characterised by significant impairments in reality testing and behaviour, which may involve a decline in functioning.
The condition of metabolic and immune systems affects the development of schizophrenia spectrum disorders
Eating high fibre foods such as fruits and vegetables supports health by improving the intestinal microbiota.
Food scientists confirm low fibre intake among Estonians

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